Special Projects

Over the years GEBIE has completed some special Projects, including the building of the Yinumarra (Umbakumba) Health Centre which was completed in 2016, the EON Foundation’s five year Nutrition in Schools Program that is being funded through Royalties to GEBIE. We are very excited about this very special Project where children in the three Community schools of Angurugu, Umbakumba and Milyakburra will be taught how to grow, harvest, cook and eat nutritious produce. Parents will be welcome and there will also be various Community gardens set up in each of the Communities.

The current Project is the installation of a large commercial kitchen in the Angurugu Community Development Program (CDP) building, which will support the EON Foundation and be a major activity for CDP to teach women and men cooking basics.

The Edge of Nowhere Foundation

The Edge of Nowhere (EON) Foundation was formally invited into the Communities to work with the Traditional Owners and children to begin a major nutrition program in 2018, growing produce in the schools and community. ALC has funded GEBIE to support and partner with EON in this important five-year program, which will make a large difference to growing, harvesting, cooking and eating nutritious foods. EON has programs in 26 communities and have been operating for 12 years. GEBIE will also be installing a large commercial kitchen in the CDP Building in Angurugu to increase training and participation from women and men in preparing and cooking food with produce from the gardens.

The Last Cast

GEBIE is excited to be co-sponsor of the TV show, The Last Cast. The show features AFL star Patrick Dangerfield and Groote fishing enthusiast Bomber Farrell, who venture into some of the country’s best fishing waters off Groote Eylandt. The four-part series will air on Channel 7 and Channel 7 MATE. It’s an epic journey that features the island’s spectacular coastline, crazy fishing and many of the extraordinary people who call it home.

Yinumarra (Umbakumba) Health Centre

The $6 million Yinumarra (Umbakumba) Health Centre was completed in 2017 and is the largest project GCC has undertaken. A small team of Indigenous workers were employed during its construction. This project was funded by the Regional Partnership Agreement between Groote Eylandt and Bickerton Island Enterprises, Australian Government and Northern Territory Government. Parent company GEBIE contributed $3 million to this project. The Centre was opened by opened by Ms Selena Uibo MLA, Member for Arnhem & Mr Alfred Mamarika, Chairman, GEBIE Aboriginal Corporation on Thursday, 14th September 2017.