Green Ants

Green Ants is a business employing four Indigenous people to provide a garden maintenance service for households in the mining township of Alyangula.

The business evolved from a Work For The Dole project which employed four people in 2008. The members of that original team provided such a good service that GEBIE took them on board as full-time workers. Team leader Dave Murrungun is from the original crew.

For almost a decade this business has become a flagship for local Indigenous employment in Alyangula where around 95 per cent of the population is non-Indigenous.

Green Ants has an excellent reputation in the community as they do a great job and show a good work ethic, just like their namesake. The workers are provided with breakfast before they start work each day.

Except where identified, all rates are per hour and, within reason, part thereof. All stated rates are ex-GST on a per hour basis. 

Please contact us for commercial quotes, maintenance contracts, and all of your garden and weed management needs.

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Poison Weeds