Katerina Bara

GEBIE Group Director

The value of education is something Katy would like to see instilled in young people on Groote Eylandt and she believes it would help if mothers improved their numeracy and literacy skills. Issues like this are why Katy became a Director of GEBIE for a second time in 2012. She has seen GEBIE do many great things for her Community of Umbakumba, including building the health clinic, the soon to be opened GEBIE CDP Training Centre and upgrading the highway. Previously the supervisor of the Community Development Program women’s activities, Katy has also worked for GEMCO using her local knowledge to assist in revegetating the environment. However, education has always been her passion, and earlier this year Katy accepted a position to facilitate Learning on Country sessions for the students of Umbakumba Primary school. She is thrilled to be working with parents, teachers and students to help educate the next generation.

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